Manure Injection

Get paid to increase your N

Placing manure nutrients directly into the soil root zone will increase nutrient recovery leading to a reduction in commercial fertilizer costs, reduced crop damage and application costs.

Why Inject Dairy Slurry?

  • Doubles the plant available Nitrogen from slurry compared to broadcast application
    • 114 lbs available N injected vs. 50.4 lbs available N broadcast (6Kgal application rate)
    • At 2022 Nitrogen prices, that is nearly a $64/ac. fertilizer cost savings! (~$1.00 x 64lbs)
  • Increases availability of P, K, Ca, Mg, S, Zn by placing nutrients in the root zone
  • Meets no-till criteria by maintaining soil structure
  • Injected manure and starter at planting minimizes crop damage
  • Reduction in odors
  • Returns effective carbon to soil enhancing soil health
  • Better on-farm nutrient balance, reduce purchased inputs
  • Potentially eliminates the need for sidedress Nitrogen

"The Numbers" of Manure Injection

Fertilizer Values - 6,000 Gallons

lbs/6K gal
lbs/6K gal
Nitrogen 50.4 114
Phosphorus 66 66
Potassium 140 140
Calcium 100 100
Magnesium 37.5 37.5
Sulfur 22.2 22.2
Zinc 1 1

$64/ac. Nitrogen savings potential
+$45/ac. Cost-share VACS

=$109/ac. Potential value to Producer

Cost Share Funding or State Tax Credit Available

  • $45/acre cost share reimbursement
    • If cost share is not taken, a state tax credit of 25% of out-of-pocket expenses is available
  • Updating your Nutrient Management Plan to reflect manure injection application rates is required
    • Interested participants are encouraged to contact their NMP planner ASAP regarding updates
  • No-till planting methods are required on all fields receiving manure injection application
  • Participant must provide an invoice that indicates acreage injected and application rates
  • Requires sign up before injection occurs
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For more information or to sign-up contact your local Soil & Water Conservation District