About Us

The Virginia State Dairymen’s Association was founded in 1907. The goal of the VSDA is to represent and promote the dairy industry in Virginia. The VSDA is a member-organization that spans the state of Virginia and represents its member’s views on a state and federal level.


We are committed to ensuring a profitable and sustainable dairy industry here in Virginia.

Officers & Board of Directors

Title Name
President Kevin Phillips
1st Vice-P Roy VanDerHyde
2nd Vice-P Maxi Aker
Dist. I Douglas Mayhugh
Dist. II Matt Nuckols
Dist. III Michael Whitaker
Dist. IV Gerald Heatwole
Dist. IV Jason Jordan
Dist. V Kevin Phillips
Dist. VI Roy VanDerHyde
Dist. VII Cline Brubaker
Dist. VIII Mark Sowers
Dist. IX Thomas Maxi Aker
Dist. X Rena Johnson
Directors at Large:
  Allen Sisson
  Cline Brubaker
  Bobby L. Combs
  Joseph Houck
  W.W. Sanford
  Rodney L. Phillips
  Dr. Mike Akers
  Dr. Richard Wilkes
  Ken Smith